Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I am so glad you are here! The Creative Critiquer is a blog that highlights products, tutorials, websites, and anything else you can imagine. I can't wait to network and meet people! This is my first blog and as you may notice throughout my entries, I am not much of a writer. Still, I hope to inspire, get inspired, and maybe even do some great giveaways!

I live in Texas with my husband (we'll call him Mr. Golf since that's all he thinks about), our two dogs Mocha and Hazelnut, and kitty Meow-Meow. I am a Domestic Diva who used to work in the skincare industry. Now I am a lover of all things crafty, my trusty Nikon, decor, cooking and anything else Martha Stewartesque.

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  1. Congratulations on your blog! I love the colour scheme/template you've chosen. Thank you for entering my Pur Minerals giveaway, and good luck with your blogging!