Wednesday, November 12, 2008

DSLR Camera

Slow down and look closely at all the inspiration in the world around you and always carry your camera wherever you go. The beauty of digital photography is that you can snap hundreds of pictures of everything around you.

I recently received a Nikon D40 as an anniversary present and am ecstatic! I wasn't sure what camera to go with and was torn between a Nikon and a Canon. The Nikon prevailed and I purchased it from Wolf Camera. They were very helpful and helped me decide that for what I am planning on using it for now, that it was best. I purchased the 55-200mm lens, a camera bag, and received tickets for photography lessons. Great deal!!

It's so lightweight and I carry it everywhere I go. The Nikon D40 is user-friendly and I haven't had a hard time figuring out the different settings. It's great for family, nature, and portraits. I took pictures of my husband playing golf, everything is clear and you can actually see the club! I've also taken really great pictures of stuff I have sold on craigslist. Some of it I had listed for months and I believe they really sold when I took a picture with the Nikon. The detail is just amazing!

The LCD screen is vivid and really shows you a true example of what the picture will look like. With old cameras I thought they looked great on the screen only to upload them and see that they were awful! Not so with this one. It's so sharp and bright.

I totally need to buy a tri-pod, some lenses, and filters but am happy for now. Wolf camera carries a neat tri mono-pod so that's next on my list hopefully.

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